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NGS Adapters

We have introduced our new indexed PentAdapters for next generation sequencing on Illumina’s sequencing platforms. Using our outperforming technologies, we have made indexed adapters ready-to-use and ready-to-ship, for the sensitive sequencing of multiplexed samples.

adapter illustration Indexed PentAdapter™

From the left top, there is a sequence that can bind to the flowcells used in Illumina’s sequence instruments like the MiSeq. Then an area for possible universal primer targeting. Following is a complementary region and finally a T-tail overhang. From the bottom left there is a binding site for universal priming. Then an index region followed by region complementary to the top strand and finally a 5′-phosphorylation. The special PentaBase modifications are not shown in this illustration for proprietary reasons.

DNA prep workflow

DNA prep workflow Protocol – From sample to NGS library

Step 1: The first step is to shear your DNA into smaller pieces. There are several different methods for doing that, including sonication and enzymatic cleavage.

Step 2: The ends of the DNA pieces are “repaired” with enzymes and buffers. 2A: The 5′-ends of the sheared DNA pieces are phosphorylated. The blue screw driver illustrates the phosphorylation by the polymerase and kinase mixture often used. 2B: The 3′-ends are added a single A-tail. The red screw driver illustrates the Klenow fragment often used for adding dAMP to the 3′-ends of dsDNA.

Step 3: The indexed labeled PentAdapters are annealed using a DNA ligase. The PentAdapters are ligated to both ends of the sheared and end repaired DNA. The phosphorylation of the 5′-ends of the DNA, the phosphorylation of the PentAdapters, the preparation of the 3′-end A-tail and the stabilizing chemistry from PentaBase are all important factors for successful ligation. The purple glue bottle illustrate the ligase.

Step 4: The library comprising up to billions of different DNA fragments are ready to be mixed with other samples likewise comprising up to billions of different DNA fragments labeled with different indexed PentAdapter for multiplexing the readouts. 

PentAdapters are robust, sensitive and work with a range of different DNA prep kits.

Gel diff preps3 DNA analysis after preparation using different DNA preparation kits

Instructions from manufactures were followed. DNA purification on beads was used on all samples except lane 4 where gel based purification was performed. From left: Lane 1: DNA ladder. Lane 2: Illumina’s DNA prep + Competitor I’s Adapter. Lane 3: Illumina’s DNA prep + PentAdapter. Lane 4: Illumina’s DNA prep + Competitor I’s Adapter (size select on gel). Lane 5: Kapa Biosystem’s DNA prep + PentAdapter. Lane 6: NEB’s DNA prep + Custom adapter from PentaBase. Lane 7: NEB’s DNA prep + PentAdapter.

Data kindly provided by Ronni Nielsen, University of Southern Denmark

The adaptors are available in several different amounts, with flexible number of different indexes and can be send either lyophilised or in solution. For order placements, quotes and questions please send an email to

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