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PentaBase manufactures standard DNA primers and also modified primers. PentaBase™ has furtermore developed a primer technology completely compatible with all applications of your standard primers. The primers are based on standard DNA nucleotides, added one or a few pentabase modifications.


SuPrimers™ are DNA primers modified with our proprietary pentabases and compatible with all applications of your standard primers. SuPrimers™ can be used with all your standard reagents. Adding pentabases to your primer will improve one or more of the following features:

  • Affinity – Adding a pentabase to an oligo nucleotide increases affinity towards DNA. This means that your primer can work at higher temperatures
  • Sensitivity – pentabases increase the on-target portion of an oligo and thereby the sensitivity of the primer
  • Primer-dimer. Adding a pentabase to or near the 5′-end of an oligo, will increase the interaction of the 5′ ends of unbound primers. This reduces the tendency to 3′-end interactions needed to make primer-dimer. Hence, the result is reduced primer-dimer formation
  • Specificity. A SuPrimer can be made shorter than a standard primer and thereby be more specific in it’s binding to a target sequence. However, please note that the primer sequence should still need to be unique in order not to mis-prime.


Available modifications can be seen in the shop. Please inquire for further informations or other modifications.

Synthesis scale

PentaBase is providing probes and primers worldwide every day. All our oligo synthesises are performed using phosphoramidite chemistry. We use solid fase CPGs of the highest quality to insure a high yield. After end of synthesis the oligos are cleaved from the support and purified. Primers are synthesised with DMT-on. Each oligo is followed using trityl monitoring during synthesis.

Product scale  Purification  Average yield  Guaranteed yield 
 50 nmol  RPLC  25-40 nmol  10 nmol
 200 nmol  RPLC  35-80 nmol  25 nmol
 1000 nmol  RPLC  160-220 nmol  100 nmol
 50 nmol  HPLC  10-20 nmol  5 nmol
 200 nmol  HPLC  17-50 nmol  15 nmol
 1000 nmol  HPLC  50-200 nmol  50 nmol


All PentaBase probes are purified by reverse-phase HPLC in order to give the purest products. Primers are also purified by reverse-phase HPLC followed by desalting and removal of the final DMT group. Desalting removes residual by-products from the different processes.