EpiDirect® Methylation
qPCR Assays

A revolutionising conversion-free approach to evaluation of tumor DNA methylation status. EpiDirect® Methylation qPCR Assays are able to directly measure DNA methylation status of purified DNA without the need for prior bisulfite treatment.

Eliminate Uncertainties and time spent on Bisulfite Conversion

Bisulfite conversion is a time and resurse consuming process that can easily lead to overestimation of the methylation frequency. The EpiDirect® approach to assessing DNA methylation status bypasses the bisulfite conversion step and provides results in less than two hours using standard real-time PCR instrumentation.

The EpiDirect® Methylation qPCR Assay family targets include the MGMT promoter for use with glioblastoma tumor samples and the MLH1 promoter for use with MSI colorectal and endometrial cancer samples.

EpiDirect® Methylation qPCR Assays

EpiDirect® MGMT
Methylation qPCR Assay
EpiDirect® MLH1
Methylation MLH1 Oncology

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