Our Proprietary INA® Technology

PentaBase’s PCR products and services are based on our proprietary Intercalating Nucleic Acid (INA®) technology. INA®-based oligonucleotides have superior performances in a wide range of PCR applications compared to standard DNA oligonucleotides.

Features and Advantages

We have developed a range of INA®-based oligos that can be ordered as customised products in addition to providing the technologically backbone of our IVD PCR assays. INA® oligos include HydrolEasy® and EasyBeacon™ probes, SuPrimers™, EpiPrimers™ and BaseBlockers™.

The advantages of INA®-based oligos and assays include:

  • Increased target affinity and specificity
  • Reduced off-target binding
  • Reduced primer dimer formation
  • Lower background fluorescence of dual-labeled probes at all temperatures – resulting in higher signal-to-noise ratio
  • Improved detection of low frequency single nucleotide variants (SNVs)
  • Direct evaluation of DNA methylation by qPCR without prior sample pre-treatment

INA® Oligonucleotides

INA® oligos are composed of standard nucleotides with one or more covalently linked intercalating pseudo-nucleotides (IPNs). The IPN molecule is a hydrophobic base analogue that is incorporated into the oligo without replacing any existing nucleotides.

INA® is the only DNA platform technology that works by increasing the π-stacking effect of adjacent nucleobases in the formed DNA double strand. Thus, addition of IPN molecules to the oligo results in increased sharing of π-electrons between the DNA nucleobase aromatic rings. The result is a significantly higher target affinity and specificity of the IPN-modified oligo compared to standard DNA oligos.

The hydrophobic nature of the IPN molecule in addition leads to intra-oligo interactions between IPN molecules which ensures temperature-independent quenching of unbound dual-labeled probes. This results in significantly reduced background fluorescense of our INA®-based HydrolEasy™ and EasyBeacon® probes.


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INA®-based Oligonucleotides

Custom oligonucleotides
EasyBeacon™ Probes
Custom oligonucleotides
HydrolEasy® Probes
Custom oligonucleotides
Custom oligonucleotides
Custom oligonucleotides

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