SuPrimer™ Oligonucleotides

SuPrimers™ are standard DNA primers added a single IPN molecule in the 5′ end. The modified SuPrimer™ works as a normal primer in the PCR reaction – just better. The addition of a hydrophobic IPN molecule reduces the ability to form primer dimers and at the same time increases target affinity and specificity. The result is more sensitive PCR amplification and higher fluorescent signals.

SuPrimer™ features and advantages include:

  • Reduced primer-dimer formation
  • Higher target affinity and specificity
  • Higher assay fluoresence
  • Reduced off-target amplification
Product Details

Reference Numbers                                                 434, 435

Product Name                                                           SuPrimer™ 14-35 mer

Purification                                                                HPLC

Yield                                                                            10/50 nmol or higher delivered

Format                                                                        Lyophilized                                                               


FlashPCR: Revolutionising qPCR by Accelerating Amplification through Low ΔT Protocols

Bustin et al. – Int J Mol Sci – 2024

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Reduced Primer-dimer Formation

Amplification using regular primers often results in unspecific products due to primer-dimer interactions and/or other off target events. Since SuPrimers are more hydrophobic due to the addition of an IPN molecule, they are less prone to form primer-dimers. The result is more specific amplification of the desired target sequence and reduced generation of PCR products related to primer-primer interactions.

Higher Fluorescence Levels

The reduced off-target binding of SuPrimers™ and higher affinity for the target leads to better priming of the PCR reaction and higher fluorescence levels.

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