Oligonucleotide Probes

We design and manufacture both standard and INA®-based single- and dual-labeled oligonucleotide probes. Our INA®-based HydrolEasy® and EasyBeacon™ dual-labeled probes offer superior performances in a wide range of probe-based PCR applications.

Overcome Limitations of Conventional Probe-Based PCR Assays

Improved Flourophore Quenching

Conventional probe designs may struggle to effectively quench fluorophores in the unbound state, leading to increased background signal.

Increased Target Affinity and Specificity

Existing probe technologies may exhibit lower target affinity and reduced specificity compromising the accuracy and reliability of PCR results.

HydrolEasy® and EasyBeacon™ Probe Alternatives

Our HydrolEasy® probes, based on the INA® technology, demonstrate superior quenching at all temperatures when unbound. This results in improved signal-to-noise ratios and more robust PCR performance. In addition, our HydrolEasy® and EasyBeacon™ probes exhibit highly improved target affinity and specificity compared to traditional probe designs. This enhances the accuracy and reliability of PCR assays.

By leveraging these innovative probe technologies, we are able to offer PCR solutions that overcome the limitations of conventional probe-based approaches, delivering superior performance and reliability for our customers.

Our INA®-based Probes

HydrolEasy® Probes
Custom oligonucleotides
EasyBeacon™ Probes
Custom oligonucleotides

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