IVD PCR Assays

For more than 10 years PentaBase has created PCR-based assays and services for researchers and medical professionals exploring new treatments and helping patients worldwide.

Assays for Sensitive Detection and Monitoring of Genetic Biomarkers

We specialize in the development and production of sensitive and specific PCR assays for precise detection and monitoring of genetic biomarkers.

Our IVD assays for oncology and haematology are build on our cutting-edge INA® PCR technology and are applicable on standard real-time PCR instruments for easy implementation.

Our IVD PCR Assays

EpiDirect® MGMT
Methylation qPCR Assay
EpiDirect® MLH1
Methylation MLH1 Oncology
MicroSight® MSI
Microsatellite instability
PlentiPlex™ KIT Mastocytosis
PlentiPlex™ MYD88
MYD88/Waldenström Lymphoma

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