Oligonucleotide Primers

We design and manufacture both standard and INA®-based oligonucleotide primers. Our INA®-based SuPrimer™ oligonucleotides offer increased target affinity and reduced primer-dimer formation for superior performances in a wide range of PCR applications. Our EpiPrimer™ oligonucleotides are the backbone of the EpiDirect® technology allowing for direct conversion-free evaluation of DNA methylation by qPCR.

Make Prime PCR Assays with our Unique SuPrimer™ and EpiPrimer™ Oligos

Eliminate Primer-dimers

Primer-dimer formation is a typical challenge when designing PCR assays using standard DNA chemistries. Our INA®-based SuPrimer™ oligonucleotide primers are much less prone to primer-dimer formation and show increased target affinity for improved PCR assay performance.

Conversion free Evaluation of DNA Methylation

With our customised EpiPrimers™ you can design your own qPCR assay for direct conversion-free evaluation of DNA methylation and for your specific target*. The EpiPrimer™ is the backbone of the EpiDirect® technology used in our EpiDirect® MGMT Methylation qPCR IVD Assay. We offer different custom EpiPrimer™ and EpiDirect® assay design and verification services. Reach out to us if you need help in designing your specific EpiDirect® qPCR assay.

*Optimal targets inlcude 3-4 CpGs within ~20 nucleotides

Our INA®-based Primers

Custom oligonucleotides
Custom oligonucleotides

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